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congrats dude. i saw it and thought well he had it comin for his contribution, and a legendary flash game "Level Up". and also please have level up 2 with the rest of the boys life after hers.

The next is gonna be 'Gather up', the demo aint bein updated on the site dunno why but anyways, congratulations on the tank, now blow up shit, jk

tell me when is part two i am obsessed with this game

OH GOD WHY?!?!?!?! Why hasn't this come out yet? It may be the prequel to the best flash game of all time, but COME ON! 2 years for a "simple" flash game is way too long. Please tell us if you've given up or not.

I still have my code for gather up. Come on man, status update!

When you will make level up! 2???????????

Have oyu forgoten about lvl up?

I'm a fan of your level up game and I was just wondering if gather up had any progress recently. Thanks and have a great day.^^

C'mon make level up! part 2 I can't wait

Sorry guys, but titch007uk has already stated in a forum post that he won't be finishing the second game.

For those of you wanting his exact words...

"Development on this project pretty much ground to a halt for two reasons

Firstly I have a full time job working as a games designer for a flash games development company, which leaves me feeling not very inspired to go home and code some more.

Secondly the whole thing has been going down a bit of a blind ally for the past 2 weeks of development. Gameplay isn't really fun and it's not really going to do justice as a sequel to Level Up without me scrapping a lot of stuff and re-writing it.

Not dead for good, but on the back burner for a while. I do want to get another game out before the end of this year though."

Mind you, this post was back in 2010, the odds of us ever seeing the completed project seem to get lower with each passing day, but at least we have the alpha versions.

hey you know that demo you play on levelup! when you have 100% completion? could you hurry up and finish i have been waiting for it for like several months.

I know this is one year late... but congrats man! =P

I've been enjoying your game (Level Up) and still trying to get all medals before posting my review on it. =P But one thing that wonders me is... though it's been over a year, how's the sequel coming along? I'm sure many of us players of Level Up are waiting so long for it!

Plus, the story between the girl and the boy sounds interesting, I do hope your Gather Up has some connection too. =]

hey wen u gonna make sequal 2 level up?

Thanks!!! I completed Level Up! without this, but it took me 22 game days. *SWOONS* Awesome walkthrough! You rock, Titch! (Titch out.) Anna out.

Yeah, cool dude! BTW, like a lot of others, I'm wondering how far along you are in "Gather Up." I played the demo after getting 100% in Level Up, and it looks really cool!

You won.. a tank? Like, a military tank?

If you feel uninspired to make the next game, let me give you some, I can speak for everyone who's played level up, that we would love a sequel, we'd be very much appreciative bro, thanks for taking the time to read this

guys stop asking im about the next game he will be done with it when he will be done with it k cause if we keep doing this he might quit making the next game



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