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got all the medals.

PS! the insomanic medal (pretty tough... had only 26 seconds left, and i died once, 73.4% with 108 gems left.)

IS POSSABLE im now getting all the medals, wont be hard i got heart breaker all the skills and insomanic :3 i REALLY love this game <3 so much :3

also... OwO new ending? damn im going to the computer when i hit 100% X3

second note, the 5/5 skill medal is broken. :3 that is all :3

I don't agree with one thing in your walkthrough - I think it is a whole lot faster and easier to get regen from the ghost than from Momma. Go up and west, up into and through the tree, back east across the post box to the church. Collect every gem and postbox on your path (including the ones in the church) and you have exactly 100 gems to buy regen. You're also at 25% complete (+1 knowledge) which is crucial for Insomniac.

(to continue the insomniac path, get yourself damaged, then go more east and hit all the NPCs in Squareville. Buy doublejump. Then head down into the mine - should fairly easily get to 50% complete. Should also have 5 collect, 3/4 in everything else. Grind out the last few levels, t'port to the computer gate, and go! I got to the computer at 5:15.)

damn! I have 99,7%! and i dont know what i have to do!

yay! i have 100%

hey, thanks for the insomniac strategy!
i made a guide for this game too, and i'm putting your strategy and crediting you there.
good luck with the sequel!

Small bug in level up:
The game "hangs / locks up" if you try to talk to the computer after you've completed the event before. The first time it'll tell you to come back later if you've collected 100%, which I did and tried to talk to it again.. but the game just locks up then.

Could you look into that? :)
Fun game.

Make a game like Cave Story!!!

K, got everything to 100% now, (on day 8) but not getting the time waster or mad skills trophy.

Two things. First, the water pump switch doesn't save properly; I found that if I reload the page after saving the game with the pumps active, I can't use any of the water pumps, nor can I re-activate them.

Second, I discovered a way to beat Fleet's foot race in under 8 seconds.

Here's what I did:
1) Saved at the mailbox near/under the tower
2) Make my way to Fleet's place without touching (saving) at any other mailboxes. Going through the sacred area/computer room helped.
3) Walked past the sign to start the race.
4) Loaded. Now I'm back near/under the tower.
5) Walked down into the caves, then left to the flagpole.
6) Finished the race.
7) Checked my stats to see a "fastest completion" of under 8 seconds.
7.41) DANG.

Considering how the race was canceled whenever I warped, I'd say this was not intended. While it's a bit of a hassle for the dash ability, I figured you might want to look into it for the sake of the NG medal.

99.7 TT_TT unhappy. I still need the red gems and the Net Awareness. I WANNA PLAY THAT DEMO TT_TT

the medal dosent work

I found up a easy way to get Insomniac Medal, going to church to buy REGEN and then going down to the Eart Village, building stats and learning.

Once with learning 3, start training the stats and after have all stats level 5 use the teleport to go to the computer. I finish the game easily.

Here is my game code save:

29-0E-22-9E-09-60-CE-17-10-89-F0-30-0 2-A5-E1-9E

i found a bug i got 100% played the demo then i went back to title screen played the game again when to the menu pressed load then i was playing on my 100% and when i collected gems they just floated around me. here is a picture <a href="http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/7519/glitchedgamev.jpg">http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/7519 /glitchedgamev.jpg</a> also i was on another site.

&quot;I'm still trying to address the issue of the game not loading for a small number of people. Please be patient, it's quite hard to fix a problem when you don't know exactly what is causing it.&quot;

I think I have some relevant information. I was having a problem where the game would &quot;load&quot; but after going through two publisher screens, the game would stop, and I'd be left with a black screen.

Joining newgrounds as a member (and signing in), fixed it for me. It looks like you can duplicate this by signing out and trying it.

I also noticed that when I was playing another game with medals, it notified me with a warning that my medals would not be saved (on the loader page, specifically Time Fcuk). Level up did not give a warning, so I wonder if it is an error with the medal scripts, specifically?

I hope this helps.

I took kind of an unconventional route, one might say, to get the Insomniac medal. Went up through the tree, back east and bought Regen from the Ghost. Went across to the sky village, failed at getting double jump, so I went straight through the tower getting as many gems as possible. Then went down through the mine, across the magma cave, into Roundite village talking to everyone, getting all gems (and both big blue gems on the way in the caves). No skills there, so warped back up to sky village, bought double jump and Hardy (and talked to everyone here). Continue to go about, collecting gems and levelling up after that, and finished the game with one death at 4:44.

Very good game and well put together, the only real 'glitches' I could find were, hitting a spike using recover then immediately falling back on it (might just be me), falling in directions instead of away from the enemy etc. (down then tilting), in the demo between green and gray there is a a little ledge with a spike on it, if you back flip off it will glitch and show you jumping from the ledge and freeze for a second, last ...well... there is a floating sign in green.

100% FTW. Anyways, I was stuck on 99.7% for a while now and I think I know what red gems you are missing guys. You know where Sky village is right? You wanna climb the tower to the right of sky village and them make a leap of faith at the top of the tower towards the right. Little did I know that there are 6 red gems at the top of that cliff. I didn't try it until radar told me due to believing nothing was over there. I hope that helped you guys!

Stop cheating and figure it out on your own. Hurr hurr.... &gt;.&gt;

Shame I hadn't seen this ealier! btw, that demo for the next game, are the jumping physics really going to be like that? it's really slow and anoying.

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